Alfresa Pharma Corporation

Our Mission

Contribution to early detection and treatment of various diseases with fully automated, highly accurate and non-invasive tests

Alfresa Pharma develops, manufactures, and sells diagnostic reagents and equipments used in hospital laboratories and group medical examinations, with the mission of “delivering unprecedented new in vitro diagnostics.”
We have applied our original technologies for developing colloidal gold reagents using a solution of ultra-fine gold particles. To the best of our knowledge, we have developed a fecal occult blood test for colorectal cancer screening, and we have succeeded in measuring hemoglobin and transferrin simultaneously and precisely for the first time in the world. For ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease (CD), we have succeeded in developing a fecal calprotectin kit that is used as an aid in understanding the disease activity. Thus, we are contributing to early diagnosis and detection of various diseases.