Alfresa Pharma Corporation

Discrete Clinical Chemistry Analyzer AA01

Compact Fully Automated Analyzer

Sample capacity is up to 16 samples

Throughput is up to 90 tests per hour

Easy operation with a barcode system

AA01 automatically reads barcodes to allow automatic registration of all reagents and related products (reagent, calibrator, control, specimen collection container, and specimen diluent), eliminating the need for any manual registration process.

Test results become available in about 15 minutes in 3 steps*

  • Measurement of calibrator and control must be performed separately.

Simultaneous Multiple Assay

Multiple items can be measured simultaneously during FIT (fecal hemoglobin), fecal transferrin and fecal calprotectin tests.

Automatic Dilution and Retest System

An automatic retest system evolved from the previous model is adopted. A concentration-specific retest function has been added to the automatic dilution and retest function, which was highly evaluated by users.

Basic Specifications

Product Name Discrete Clinical Chemistry Analyzer AA01
Measurement principle Colloidal gold agglutination
Maximum throughput Up to 90 tests per hour
Sample capacity 16 samples (8 x 2 racks)
Sample dilution Automatic dilution 1:1, 1:10, 1:100
Manual dilution 1:1, 1:10, 1:20, 1:100, 1:200
Reaction cells 5 x 8 disposable resin-molded cells
Sampling system 1 nozzle with liquid level sensing
Reagent dispensing sytem 1 nozzle with liquid level sensing
Mixing system 1 rotation mixing probe
Cleaning of nozzles Automatic cleaning of nozzles and probe with detergent and DI water
Temperature control system Reaction table: Air bath-heating block
Reagent table: Cooling with Peltier cooler
Light source LED (3 x 2 wavelengths : 373/610, 465/525 and 660/805 nm)
Sensor 3 photodiodes
System control computer Build-in computer with a 7-inch color LCD touch panel display
Data memory 5,000 tests
Printer Built-in thermal printer (58mm width rolling paper)
Barcode Automatic reading of rack, sample, reagent, calibrator, control and specimen diluent barcodes
Dimensions W400mm x D575mm x H455mm
Weight Approx. 38 kg
Power requirements AC100-240V 50/60Hz, 300VA


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